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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Camp experience 😵

When my group and I were in high ropes on the first morning at YMCA camp, I was surprised that I could do it. If you haven't heard last year in 2016 I cut my hand on an wineglass and severed all my tendons. Even now I don't have full movement in it,  so it was quite a challenge. I could only get past one activity on the high ropes so it wasn't that impressive for people who can do them all. I reckon it helped my hand because it has improved from before camp.

On the first night at camp before dinner, I had a shower but when I went in there my hands were real muddy, so I washed them. When I went to dry them they didn't have paper towels or one of them fancy electric dryers. I didn't want to ruin my  clothes by wiping my my hands on them so I went back to my cabin and just dried my hands on my sleeping bag.  That was stupid because my sleeping bag wouldn't dry out when it's about -10 degrees outside. So that night I slept in a soggy sleeping bag.

On day 2 at YMCA camp after a hard activity work out at orienteering, we had fattening food break. I was really excited because yesterday I had lost my appetite after looking at the cookies at the supermarket I hate ! But today was a treat, my mouth was watering I could hardly resist, and 321 dig in. Gobble smack smack and that was only one chocolate finger. I would wonder what it will sound like with 20 but just as I was thinking that it hit me like a lightning bolt with a hint of thunder. We were only allowed something like 5 let alone 20. Bummer. “Yay” I said in a sarcastic voice. “Two chocolate fingers.”

I enjoyed camp because I challenged myself on the high ropes it  was hard for me because I cut all my tendons, so my fingers don't have movement.

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