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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science experiment .

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data.
Today I rated myself at multi-structural for making slime and then tipping it on Mr Anderson because I was thinking about the slime and I reckon the slime was sticky, messy and cold.

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
Jonty and I got put in a group to do an rocket balloon experiment. We failed in many ways: first of all the balloon popped. For seconds the string snapped and third of all the string snapped again.  Then finally we got it set up but then it was pack up time. So we did nothing. ☹️

Week three: balloon rocket experiment
Jonty, Kingston, Brent, Tom and set up all our stuff for another week of the balloon rocket experiment but this time. We were using fishing wire and we put a piece of paper on the front of the balloon we recon it span and then went like 2 centimeters.
When we set It up again because the fishing line is see through a biker biked through it and broke it.

Week four: trebuchet
On a Thursday afternoon a few people and I were playing with the trebuchet. For the first test we put in six weights and our projectile was a tennis ball. We fired it, after we measured it went 19m. Then we did it again, this time with 8 weights with the same projectile. For some reason it went 16m less than the first one even though we put more weights in hmmmmmmm. So we did that a few more
times our highest meters was 30 with 12 weights. But when we changed the object  it wasn't working and we ended up doing two misfires, I think that was because we didn't use enough weight so there wasn't enough centrifugal force. I reckon my over all reflection in collecting data was multi-structural because I collected lots of information and it may or may not been correct.

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