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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

iPod o'clock.

Ring, ring, ring! “iPod o’clock,” I said to myself, walking down the hallway,  peeking through a gap in Mum's and Dad’s door. Of course they weren't in there. They were downstairs numbing their brains on TV (and they told me it was bad to watch too much!). It was my 4 year old sister Olivia I was concerned about. Her mouth may look little but immensely loud words come out. Luckily she was asleep. I snuck past her, opening the cupboard I had stashed my iPod in. Sprinting back to my bedroom, I made sure everyone else was asleep.

Finally I would be able to play on my iPod without interruption. That is, unless mum or dad decided to come up to check on me. That’s why you need to be prepared people, like I am whenever I do this sort of thing! I'm always listening for creaks on the stairs because that means dad or mum are coming, so if you're thinking of fixing your stairs for that sort of reason, I would recommend you don’t!

So back to the iPod, after winning the first match on Clash Royale I heard a creak in the stairs. Off course that meant to chuck my iPod somewhere but just as it was flying through the air, dad walked in.  Luckily the light was of and the case on the iPod was black so he couldn't see it. But he might be able to hear it thudding on the ground so just as it hit the ground I said “Hi dad,” in hopefully an innocent voice.  Dad walked off with a puzzled expression on his face. Now I had to go get my iPod.

After I did 5or6 battles (winning them all) it was about 10:00pm, the normal time I go to bed. I put my iPod in a place I'll remember for tomorrow night.

I reckon this writing is multi-structural because i gave my punctuation a good go and I may or may not have got it correct.
I also didn't use any from my bright sparks, so my goal for next time is to use at least on word from it.


  1. Max Max Max your story Is so hilarious it all most made me wet my pants I love the fact that you used brackets a lot and the way you said that you're mum and dad were watching tv and they said that it was bad to watch to much.

  2. Funny story Max I like how you could the story IPod o,clock!!!!! (I wouldn't have been as creative as that!!!!!) I like how you were giving some advice about meeting on the iPod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ha ha that was funny 😂 Max I liked the part when you said "her mouth is little but immensely loud words come out of it" great writing-jonty.

  4. I really like the fact that I can hear you speaking as I read this story! It flows really nicely and is funny... and a little bit naughty. I pods will be stored downstairs at night from now on Max... I had no idea that you knew where our hiding place was upstairs Max!